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Latest iMac G5 Adds Media Center Rip-off

Previous versions of the Apple iMac G5 were alternately lauded for their thin form factor and bemoaned for their propensity for overheating. I don't know whether the problems have been fixed, but the new iMac G5s look sweet. The biggest change in this version, however, has little to do with the computer: Apple has finally unveiled its nascent Media Center challenger, called Front Row, which interacts with the user via a bundled remote control (the latter of which looks almost identical to an iPod shuffle). Front Row provides a fun front-end to the music, photos, and videos you have stored on your Mac, and it can play DVD movies. What it's missing, of course, is TV functionality (tuner, watching, recording). Also holding back Front Row: Apple won't let you buy the software separately. This would be a killer addition to any Mac, especially the living-room-friendly Mac mini. Ah well. As for the iMac, the new version also gets a built-in iSight camera (eh), a new even thinner form factor (making me worry, again, about heat), and, gasp, even decent pricing (the 17" model starts at $1299, while the 20" model goes for $1699 with a 2.1GHz Power PC G5 processor). Assuming that heat is magically not a concern, the new iMac G5 looks solid

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