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Intel Rebrands Itself

Microprocessor maker Intel will reveal a rebranding of its corporate image this week at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The company is ditching its logo for a new edition and even dropping its decade-old "Intel inside" catch-phrase for a the new "Leap ahead" marketing term. The rebranding comes as Intel is set to replace its Pentium M microprocessors with a new line of Core microprocessors that will ship in both single-core (Core Solo) and dual-core (Core Duo) variants. Intel is also set to launch its ViiV plaform for media center-compatible PCs. And let's not forget Apple Computer: Rumors are that Intel is actually designing the motherboards for Apple's upcoming Intel-based Macintoshes. Intel, you used to be cool. But now it's like we don't know you anymore

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