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Hardware - 29 Aug 2006

64-Bit System. This year, HP takes the lead in the 64-Bit System competition, providing power users with an extremely powerful machine that offers new levels of flexibility and high availability. The HP Integrity Superdome is an enterprise computing solution powered by next-generation Intel Itanium 2 processors. Whether transactionbased, query-driven, batch-processing, or other types of demanding workloads, the Integrity Superdome—with its new HP Super-Scalable Processor Chipset sx2000 chipset and scalability to 64 Itanium 2 9M processors in a single server—lets you scale out in a cost-effective clustered environment to thousands of processors. The Integrity Superdome offers unprecedented levels of high availability through such features as redundant and hot-swappable fans and power supplies, the online addition and replacement of PCI-X I/O cards, and dynamic processor and memory de-allocation.

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Blade Server. The HP BladeSystem is an integrated environment that builds on current HP blade servers, services, and networking—as well as powerful new management software and virtualization tools— to help lower the overall cost of blade ownership. HP BladeSystem integrates computing, storage, power, and network resources into a virtualized, self-aware, automated environment and lets you manage a pool of resources as easily as you do one machine. The system combines the simplicity and efficiency of blade design with effective enterprise-management tools to create a universal platform for heterogeneous environments.

Thin Client. The HP Compaq Thin Client line delivers an "ultra-small" desktop experience in work environments where end users have a well-defined set of tasks. Key features include a powerful 1GHz AMD Geode NX 1500 processor, high-resolution graphics, 16-bit stereo sound, four to six USB ports, and options for wireless networking and external storage and security devices. The device comes with Microsoft's Windows XP Embedded OS and Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 6.0, Citrix ICA Client 6.3 and Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol 5.1, and terminal emulationsfor accessing mainframes, legacy systems, and servers. With legacy ports, enhanced software, and backward compatibility to meet the most common customer requirements, HP Compaq Thin Client models are ideal for business use.

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Laptop/Notebook Computer. In the Laptop/Notebook Computer race, HP faced heavyweight competition, and emerged as our readers' choice. The HP Compaq nx series of notebook PCs combines the processing and graphics power of a desktop system with the mobility and convenience of a notebook. The thin, sleek design is appealing to users. IT managers will value the system's integrated security options and its integrated wireless options. The series is ideal for enterprise-wide deployment to mobile users.

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PDA/Cell Phone/Smart Phone. Narrowly preventingan HP monopoly in the Hardware category, Palm grabs top prize in the PDA/Cell Phone/Smart Phone competition. The Palm Treo 700w smart phone combines broadband speeds, wireless email, including Windows Mobile Direct Push Technology, and richmedia capabilities into one device. Your contacts are always reachable from any application, and you can access email, the Web, and corporate networks on one of the fastest networks available in the United States. You can play your favorite music and videos right on the device, and a variety of service plans are available.

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Server (Non-Blade). As a whole, the HP ProLiant series of servers has a strong reputation for reliability. ProLiant 300 and 500 series servers, in particular, are designed for maximum performance and flexibility. The ProLiant management infrastructure—including HP Systems Insight Manager and Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) management technology for systems monitoring and management—creates an environment for lifecycle management that optimizes data-center efficiency and lowers TCO. If you're looking for a rack-mounted enterprise-class server, you can't go wrong with the ProLiant series. The most recent ProLiant systems' 4-way dual-core Opteron configuration provides solid performance.

Desktop Computer. HP takes another win in the Hardware category, this time on the desktop with the HP Compaq 7000 series of desktop systems. To reduce ownership costs, increase productivity, and simplify PC ownership, the Windows Vista?capable HP Compaq 7000 series provides stability and enhanced security and also offers the serviceability and manageability necessary for today's managed IT environments. The series' cutting-edge Intel chipset and processors, high-speed SMART III Serial ATA hard disks, DDR2 memory, USB 2.0, and multifunctional optical storage drives help maximize IT investments. You can't go wrong with the HP Compaq 7000's proven stability and reliability, as well as its formfactor flexibility, which accommodates a range of environments.

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64-Bit System
1st—HP Integrity Superdome Server Series
2nd—Azaleos OneServer and OneStop Managed Services
3rd—HP ProLiant DL Series

Blade Server
1st—HP BladeSystem
2nd—IBM BladeCenter
3rd—Egenera BladeFrame

Desktop Computer
1st—HP Compaq 7000 Series
2nd—Dell OptiPlex Series
3rd—HP xw9300 Series

Laptop/Notebook Computer
1st—HP Compaq nx Series Notebook PC
2nd—Dell Latitude Notebooks
3rd—IBM ThinkPad T Series

PDA/Cell Phone/Smart Phone
1st—Palm Treo 700w
2nd—HP iPAQ hw6500 Mobile Messenger series
3rd—Research in Motion (RIM) BlackBerry 8700 Series

Server (Non-Blade)
1st—HP ProLiant Series
2nd—Dell PowerEdge Series
3rd—HP Integrity Superdome Series

Thin Client
1st—HP Compaq Thin Clients
2nd—Wyse Thin Clients
3rd—Neoware Thin Clients

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