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DOOM Kicks Martian Butt at the Theater

The movie DOOM, which is based on the DOOM video games and stars The Rock, took the number-one spot at the box office over a lackluster movie weekend, pulling in $15.4 million. Like the games that inspired it, the DOOM movie takes place on a Mars base that has been infiltrated by beings from Hell, and The Rock and his band of space marines get to use a bunch of weapons from the games--including the infamous BFG--to bring them down. Most notable in this otherwise blatantly violent actionfest is a sequence in which the movie emulates the first-person perspective of the DOOM games, a sequence that DOOM fans will no doubt absolutely adore. To be fair, it's actually pretty effective. But if you're not a DOOM fan--and, really, why wouldn't you be?--you can always wait for the inevitable DVD release

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