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Consumers Still Not Clear about HDTV

Suddenly, HDTV sets are everywhere, and they're available fairly cheaply if you don't mind shopping around. The problem, of course, is that consumers still don't understand HDTV technology, which is often presented by TV makers confusingly, with an emphasis on technical specifications and not real-world benefits. Forrester Research says that more than 16 million US homes will have HDTV sets by the end of 2005, but less than half will be viewing any HD content at all, because they have no idea where to find that content. This is a huge opportunity for cable, satellite, and phone companies, all of which are now offering HD-compatible content to different levels via their TV services. It pays to do some research, of course. We'll be looking at HDTV throughout 2006 here at Connected Home Media, to get you started

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