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21 Million American Homes Sharing Rich Media Wirelessly in 2009

Within 18 months, consumers will be able to buy consumer electronics devices and PCs that will permit sharing of rich media content between devices in their digital home networks. Now, with arrival of interoperable digital rights management (DRM) technology, the consumer will also be able to share content with friends, legally. According to a new report by independent market analyst Datamonitor, DRM in its most complete form will manage the rights of a piece of rich media content throughout its lifetime, thus enabling 'super-distribution' in which a consumer is an end-user as well as a node of distribution. Furthermore, Datamonitor expects the availability of such technology to spur the deployment of home wireless networks. Datamonitor expects that by 2009, 21 million US homes will be accustomed to exchanging audio/video content, boosted by the lower prices of networkable devices and DRM improvements.

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