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Toshiba Releases Consumer-Oriented Tablet PC

Tablet PCs—which run Microsoft's excellent Windows XP Tablet PC Edition software—haven't exactly sold well. Since the initial release of the OS in late 2002, the combined sales of all Tablet PC makers has only recently surpassed 1 million units, making even Macintosh sales look spectacular by comparison. However, this year, Tablet PC makers are starting to look at expanding the devices into bigger and hopefully more lucrative markets. First up is Toshiba, which just launched the first consumer-oriented Tablet PC, the Satellite R series. Featuring a large 14.1" LCD screen that swivels to allow the machine to work in laptop or slate mode, the Satellite R series looks similar to the company's smaller, more expensive, and business-oriented Portege M200, but … features a light gray case. Or something. Anyway, anything Toshiba can do to help Tablet PC sales is appreciated. As with Media Center PCs, it's only a matter of time before these devices take off

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