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Mobile App Development News: Exadel Releases Tiggr Mobile Apps Builder

Exadel, a software application development company, announced today that it has released Tiggr Mobile Apps Builder out of beta for general availability. Tiggr is a cloud-based mobile app development platform that allows both software developers and non-developer users to rapidly create, test, and deploy applications that run on any mobile device.

"Tiggr is a web-based IDE for building mobile and native apps that uses jQuery Mobile and JavaScript as the underlying components," said Max Katz, a senior systems engineer and lead RIA strategist at Exadel. Key features of Tiggr include its visual designer and editor—a drag-and-drop tool for selecting application components, and Mobile Plug-in Architecture (MPA), which makes it easy to create applications that consume cloud services.

In a recent briefing with DevProConnections editors, Katz demoed the five-step process of building a mobile application using Tiggr's Visual Designer. In step 1, you create the application prototype, simply by dragging components from the left side of the screen onto an on-screen phone area representing the app. The prototype can be tested instantly by opening it either in a web browser or on a mobile device.


Using Tiggr's visual designer and editor to build a mobile app

In step 2, you define services, using either existing services or custom services (e.g., in-house developed). Step 3 is mapping input from the UI to the service and then output from service to UI. In step 4, you test the application on either a browser or mobile device. Finally, in step 5 you either export the source code, so that the app can run as a mobile web application using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3, or get the binary for the app, so you can build it into a native application for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, or other mobile platforms using the PhoneGap mobile development framework.

Tiggr provides an editor that lets developers customize various aspects of the application, such as UI, services, and JavaScript app parameters. The product also supports real-time collaboration, by providing a chat feature allowing developers, testing team members, customers, and other involved parties to interact.


Tiggr's editor with real-time chat

Tiggr is available at a special promotional price of $45 per month for the life of the subscription, now through December 31, 2011. You can learn more about Tiggr on the Tiggr Mobile Apps Builder blog.

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