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MIX'08 Part 1

Hi guys, sorry for the lack of posts yesterday but my wireless connection at Harrah's is achingly bad and wouldn't stay up for more than a few minutes at a time. For the first time ever, perhaps, the EDGE connection on my iPhone was actually better than Wi-Fi.

Anyway. I made it to Vegas without any issues. This city is still frustrating: Getting out of the airport is an exercise in walking for miles and then waiting in lines for a hour, but eventually I made it out. Here are a few shots from Vegas and my hotel room, which has a surprisingly decent view of the Vegas Strip...

Palm trees at the airport.

The view from my room

Kip Kniskern from LiveSide and Long Zheng from istartedsomething

View from my room, night (with a real camera)

Again, from the room

Walking over to the Venetian for MIX'08, this morning

OK, nothing serious yet of course. The Ray Ozzie keynote starts in about an hour, however... 

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