How to Select the Right Industry Cloud for Your Business

The cloud market is going vertical, targeting businesses in specific industries. Yet finding the best match at the right price requires careful research and planning.


December 19, 2023

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Industry cloud platforms are designed to meet the unique needs of vertical industry customers inadequately served by generic solutions. Yet finding a service that covers all the bases at reasonable terms can be a challenging task.

The main thing to consider when selecting a cloud provider is identifying candidates that fit your company's requirements, advises James Meade, digital solution architecture director with NTT Data Services, in an email interview.

Look inward when considering industry cloud providers, suggests Brian Campbell, a principal in Deloitte Consulting's strategy practice. "An industry cloud should be closely tied to your business strategy," he says via email.

Find the fastest path to value, Campbell says. Many generic cloud players also offer specific industry cloud solutions. Pre-existing vendor relationships may make some platforms easier to integrate than others. "Strive to preserve flexibility and the ability to innovate," he advises. The market is rapidly evolving, and monolithic implementations are giving way to user-friendly building blocks that are continuously improved. "These are proving to provide the greatest advantage," Campbell observes.

Start Searching

Begin with your organization's current business strategy and work backwards, Campbell suggests. Consider the most important capabilities, then scan for solutions that can be leveraged in those particular areas. "However, ensure that you take a wider view as well, so you don't lock yourself into your current ecosystem," he adds.

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An industry cloud package should also be evaluated on the basis of how well it meshes with existing applications and storage requirements. "Re-educating the support staff to work with the new cloud environment can be costly and complex without the right guidance and precautions in place," Meade cautions.

Comparison Shopping

Don't overlook your due diligence when searching for the right industry cloud for your organization. In a recent email interview, Bernie Hoecker, a partner and enterprise cloud transformation lead with technology research and advisory firm ISG, suggests breaking the industry cloud selection process into eight basic steps.

1. Define your requirements. Outline your organization's technical and business requirements and establish defined business goals and outcomes. The goals should be approved by senior management and coupled with strong management and governance practices. ...

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