Top 10 Stories About Cloud Computing in 2023

From the key differences of the Big 3 cloud providers to cloud migration case studies, ITPro Today's most read cloud computing stories in 2023 can help enterprises make the right cloud decisions.

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January 3, 2024

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Cloud computing continued its upward trajectory in 2023. ITPro Today readers can find several resources to broaden their knowledge on cloud computing and help drive business decisions.

Below, our 10 most read stories of 2023 offer these cloud resources, news, and more.

1. How to Build a Personal Cloud Server for Private File Storage at Home

Contributor Christopher Tozzi walks through the steps necessary to build your own personal cloud server, allowing you to store your personal files in a secure and accessible location at home.

2. Comparing Cloud Giants: 5 Key Differences Between AWS and Azure

AWS and Azure have some key distinctions that make them suitable for different use cases and considerations. Find out more about these five key differences.

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3. How Cloud-Based DAM System Solved Chocolatier's Sticky Situation

Contributor Karen D. Schwartz tells the story of Lake Champlain Chocolates, and how the company's IT team solved inefficient image asset management using a cloud-based DAM system.

4. Is Terraform Still Open Source? It Depends Whom You Ask

HashiCorp announced new licensing rules for its Terraform infrastructure-as-code tool. Learn more about how change allows HashiCorp to restrict competitive use of Terraform code and what it means for open source as a whole.

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5. Big 3 Public Cloud Providers Remain Bullish on AI Prospects

Cloud revenues for the big three cloud providers have retained strong growth. Meanwhile, AI is opening new opportunities in the cloud. Contributor Sean Michael Kerner examines how AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud are taking advantage of AI.

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6. The Sweet Success of Florida Crystal's SAP Cloud Migration

This case study exploreshow Florida Crystals worked with Lemongrass to migrate its SAP systems to AWS. Learn more about this SAP cloud migration project.                              

7. Rethink Your Data Storage Strategy: Cloud, On-premises, or Hybrid?

With the major shift in data storage practices among organizations, it may be time to rethink your data storage strategy. Know which factors to consider and why.

8. Akamai Grows Connected Cloud Effort with New Sites and Services

Akamai is advancing its cloud footprint with five new sites as well as premium instances for cloud compute. Find out more about Akamai's announcement of new services and cloud locations around the world.

9. 5 Reasons Why Bare-Metal Clouds Could Be Next Big Thing in Cloud Computing

Bare-metal clouds will likely become more important in cloud computing due to five trends. Read more from contributor Christopher Tozzi.

10. OpenStack Bobcat Delivers Enhanced Open Source Cloud Capabilities

The new release of OpenStack Bobcat has brought new security and scale to the open source cloud platform. Learn more about the update and find out about 2024's update to the OpenStack platform, code-named "Caracal."

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What cloud computing trends and news impacted you most in 2023? Let us know in the comments!

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