Quick Tip: How to turn off Twitter Direct Message Receipts on the Web, iOS and Android

Quick Tip: How to turn off Twitter Direct Message Receipts on the Web, iOS and Android

Twitter has added a new feature to their social media communication service that no one has asked for - read receipts for Direct Messages.

The new option is rolling out today for Twitter users on the web, iOS and Android with no word on when the official Windows 10 Twitter app will see the update.

Like many of their past updates, this one is also Opt Out which means you must go turn this feature off in your Twitter settings otherwise anyone who sends you a DM will be able to track when you read the private message.

It is however, very easy to switch this off for your Twitter account and you can do it through the web interface or in the iOS or Android Twitter apps. The setting is global so it only needs to be adjusted on one of these three platforms to take effect.

Twitter on the Web

Twitter Direct Message Read Receipts

1. Click on your profile image to the right of the search box while on Twitter.com and then select Settings.

2. In the left hand column select Security and privacy and then scroll to the bottom of the options on the right hand side.

3. Under Direct Messages just uncheck the box next to Send/Receive Read Receipts

Twitter App on iOS

Twitter App on iOS Direct Message Receipts Settings

1. Tap on the Me tab icon on the bottom toolbar and then tap on the gear icon next to your profile image at the top of the screen.

2. Tap on Settings on the pop up menu and then Privacy and safety.

3. Look for the Send/Receive read receipts and tap the On/Off toggle to turn off this setting.

Twitter App on Android

Android Direct Message Read Receipts

1. Tap on your profile image icon in the upper left hand corner of the main app screen.

2. Tap on Settings in the flyout menu and then select Privacy and content from the next menu.

3. Tap on Send/receive read receipts to remove the checkmark and turn off the feature.


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