Q: How do I validate a configuration for Windows Server 2008 Failover Clustering support?


The earlier cluster logo certification that supported hardware for Windows Server 2003 has not been maintained in Server 2008. In Server 2008, a failover cluster requires components that are on the Server 2008 Hardware Compatibility List, then a validate process is executed to ensure that the configuration will be supported by Microsoft.
To perform the validation, follow these steps:
1. Start the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Failover Cluster Management snap-in (Start, Administrative Tools).
2. Run the "Validate a Configuration..." action.
3. Click Next to proceed to the main validate process.
4. Enter the names of the servers that will be in the cluster and click Next.
5. The next screen prompts whether all tests should be run or only specific tests.
6. If you select to run only specific tests, you'll be prompted for which tests to run.
7. A confirmation will be displayed of the tests that will be performed and the nodes that will be tested. Click Next to begin the testing.
Once the testing is complete a summary is displayed which confirms whether the configuration is suitable for a cluster or not. A button is available "View Report" which shows a detailed report which gives information about any warnings. The validate process is a useful tool even after the cluster is created if you experience problems, as the tool looks for any problems with configuration.

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