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Iron Speed Releases Latest Version of Database Web App Development Tool

Iron Speed, a maker of software development tools, has released Iron Speed Designer Version 8.0, the latest version of its Web 2.0 database development tool for .NET, SharePoint, and cloud environments. Version 8.0 features new charting and dashboard features that enable developers to incorporate charts without programming.

To add charting features to an app, a developer simply drags the chart from the toolbox onto a page. Charts listed in the toolbox are automatically configured, based on which chart is selected and where it is placed on the page. This capability is useful in prototyping, allowing an end user to preview different charts before the app is completed.

Additionally in Iron Speed Designer Version 8.0, developers can now build dashboard reports containing summary data. A developer can add calculated values, such as sums, record counts, and averages, onto a dashboard page by dragging the values onto the page—a feature that enables customization and may reduce the use of third-party reporting tools.

Iron Speed Designer runs on Windows 7, Vista, XP and Windows Server 2008/2003. It builds .NET Framework web applications for SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, and MySQL databases. The product is available in Professional and Enterprise editions. You can download a trial version of Iron Speed Designer Version 8.0 here.

IronSpeed Version 8.0 data visualization

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