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Iron Speed Designer 9.0 Released, Features New Mobile App Development Support

Iron Speed, a provider of software development tools for .NET developers and IT professionals, announced that Iron Speed Designer now includes a mobile app solution. The mobile solution is part of version 9.0 of Iron Speed Designer, a Web 2.0 app development tool that lets developers, IT pros, and DBAs build database-driven .NET applications.

The new mobile solution extends the capabilities of Iron Speed Designer, so that users can now access database apps built with Iron Speed Designer on mobile devices. Iron Speed Designer users can generate mobile-compatible applications with 31 page styles. Version 9.0's mobile app support also includes four new page types, new controls, menus, headers and footers, and a mobile page live preview.

Mobile app development support in Iron Speed Designer version 9.0
Mobile app development support in Iron Speed Designer version 9.0

"Iron Speed recognized the need for simple, direct access to critical business applications and data regardless of where they are located," said Alan Fisher, chairman of Iron Speed. "The new mobile solution focuses on giving instant access anytime, anywhere."

Iron Speed Designer 9.0 includes a number of other improvements. A new full-text database search feature lets you add a Google-like search capability to SQL Server text or binary fields. Charting enhancements include drill-down charts, which let users double-click chart elements to see underlying data, and time-range charts, with navigation controls that let you scroll back and forth in time or select a specific time period to analyze. Among other improvements are the ability to export data to Microsoft Excel 2010 and 2007, lost-password retrieval, and support for SQL Azure and SQL Server CE.

Pricing for Iron Speed Designer 9.0 starts at $195 per month, with perpetual licenses and monthly subscriptions available. You can find more information at Iron Speed's website.

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