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Halo 3 ... finished

So it's about 12:30 am here in Redmond, WA, or 3:30 for you folks back home. I got in, fired up Halo 3 on Joe's Xbox, picked it up at the beginning of Mission 9, and finished the game in about half an hour. The ending is very reminiscent of the end of the first Halo game, which was sort of nice. A bit easy, but that was appreciated after the insanity of Mission 8. I'll try to get a review up in the next week or so, though I intend to go through the single player campaign at least once more before really moving into multiplayer.

All in all, the single player stuff is decent. It's a bit short. More in the review... I wrote about 1900 words of it at the airport waiting to leave for Seattle.

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