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Server-side XML (ASP) Demos - 15 Nov 2001

The MSXML component has been designed to also work on the server. The following are some simple examples that demonstrate this. Ping -- This demo round-trips an XML document using the XMLHTTP component to post it to an ASP script on the server. The ASP loads the document, and simply writes it back to the client.

Save -- This demo posts an XML document to the server and saves it as a file on the server. You can then navigate to the saved file directly.

Shared -- This demo posts an XML document to the server and saves it in shared Application state so that multiple clients can read and write the document simultaneously without going into the file system on the server.

Simple -- This demo uses an ASP file to transform XML into HTML on the server, and the HTML returned to the browser. This method of displaying XML can be extremely useful to those wanting to deliver data encoded in XML to downlevel clients.

Browser/Platform Compatibility To view these demos, all you need is a browser that supports HTML. To run the ASP pages you need to have the Internet Explorer 5 MSXML.DLL installed on your server.

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