HTMLCaptcha 1.0 Released

Arbinger Systems released HTMLCaptcha 1.0, a component for ASP.NET that allows developers to verify the humanity of the users of their site using CAPTCHA techniques. It features HTML-encoded (HEC) images, random output, a utility for creating image caches, random pixel modification, and CSS properties for HEC image size reduction.


Features include:

  • Easy API, simple integration into ASP.NET applications, and a flexible framework.
  • Random image selection and a randomly constructed descriptor list for user verification.
  • Fast image retrieval using a pre-rendered, indexed cache of HEC images.
  • A default image cache of nearly 100 HEC images and descriptors.
  • An image cache creation utility to create additional, custom set(s) of HEC images.
  • Random pixel modification of images to minimize the image signature.
  • CSS stylesheet properties that reduce the size of the HEC image output.


HTMLCaptcha randomly outputs a small icon-sized image a real picture, not skewed text created entirely in HTML/CSS, then offers a random selection of descriptions. The user must select the correct descriptor to validate. Because the image is encoded as HTML, it is more difficult to strip out of the surrounding HTML for analysis. HTMLCaptcha can modify pixels at random (imperceptible to the human eye) to prevent a signature of the image. Picture-based images eliminate the difficulty of reading skewed text, and is invulnerable to the current OCR text scanning techniques.


Arbinger Systems

Price: HTMLCaptcha Server Version, licensed to install to a single server in an organization, US$179; HTMLCaptcha Site Version, may be installed to any number of servers within an institution, US$399. A demo version may be downloaded for free from the Web site.

Web Site:


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