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Devart Releases CodeCompare v2.60--Free Code-Comparison Tool

Devart, a provider of software development tools, released v2.60 of CodeCompare, a file and folder comparison tool. CodeCompare, a free version of Devart's CodeCompare Pro, is available as both a Visual Studio add-in and a standalone application. CodeCompare v2.60 uses a new comparison algorithm that Devart claims improves the speed of source-code file comparisons.

Additional new features in CodeCompare v2.60 include:

  • faster editing and navigation of large files
  • You can set options to skip empty lines during comparison and skip comments in compared files.
  • You can select either a side-by-side (vertical) or one-above-the-other (horizontal) layout for compared files.
  • addition of a dialog with a message about file equality
  • choice of four CodeCompare skins
  • Close buttons have been added to the document tabs

The free CodeCompare tool includes a free 30-day trial of CodeCompare Pro (priced at $49.95). You can download CodeCompare here.

Devart CodeCompare v2.60

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