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Network Analyzer - 23 Aug 2005

Network Analyzer. Readers' top choice for the Best Network Anaylzer award was Sunbelt Software's LanHound, which offers useful traffic views, packet capture, and packet-decoding features for troubleshooting network problems and monitoring network activity. Through its remote agents, LanHound also supports switched segments. Because the products requires less than 10MB of total disk space, many customers use LanHound as a portable solution for analyzing networks in the field, using notebook PCs. The product supports Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT/98, as well as all the popular protocols, and offers a powerful, user-friendly GUI. IT pros love LanHound's ability to sniff out network problems, hunt down noncompliant users, dig up performance problems such as bandwidth hogs, and shut down culprits before they cause downtime.

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