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Amazon Book: Amazon Cloud Player for Web 0.1

A first draft partial chapter from a possible book about Amazon consumer cloud services

Last week, I wrote about the slow progress I’ve been making on Windows Phone Book, a massive, free book that I’m creating as a gift for the Windows Phone community. But I have ideas about other, shorter books. Here’s a peek at one of them.

This is a first draft and partial chapter of a potential book about Amazon consumer services (Amazon Book?) that covers a single topic, Amazon Cloud Player for Web. When finished, it could potentially be published for free electronically in various ways. Or it could be combined with other similar chapters into a small and very cheap (99 cents or $2) book.

If you’re a regular reader of this site, you’re not going to learn anything from this chapter. It’s about a pretty simple and obvious topic, and I just wanted to see whether I could cover something like this in a way that makes sense. There’s more to come, too, including a section that’s in there but not written (Automatically download music purchases from Amazon MP3) as well as sections on editing music and managing devices. I’m thinking the whole thing will be about 25 pages when. (It’s 20 pages long now.)

This sample chapter is provided in PDF form only. But I’m going to look at publishing it however through Amazon’s Kindle service when it’s complete. Any feedback—typos, grammar, content, whatever—is of course always appreciated.

Download Amazon Cloud Player for Web 0.1

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