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Base One International Releases B1Framework

Base One International has released its B1Framework, a collection of reusable .NET components for building web, back office, and desktop database applications. B1Framework's data access layer makes it easier for developers to write high performance database-agnostic programs and provides a strong foundation for developing scalable commercial services.

According to Andrew Brust, chief executive officer of Blue Badge Insights and contributing editor for Visual Studio Magazine says that "The strength of the data access layer lies in its ability to provide reusable multithreaded services on any platform. For example, its paging service generates SQL statements that return just the desired page of interest from what could otherwise be a very large result."

In addition, the B1Framework is based on the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 and Enterprise Library 5.0 Application Block and includes components for database access, logging, validation, caching, exception management, and security.

The B1Framework's source code is available for download through the Essential Software Library. In addition, Essential Software Library subscribers have access to single-developer licenses for Base One International's full Visual Studio development product line. Users can become Essential Software Library subscribers for an annual subscription rate of $29.95.

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