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Back from Seattle

Sorry for being completely incommunicado yesterday: I spent most of the day flying home from Seattle, which was actually a decent experience given what flying's like these days. But I when I arrived at home, I discovered that my new TV had arrived as well. It's a 42-inch 1080p Panasonic plasma (I had been talked away from my original choice, a 50-inch 720p Samsung plasma) and, well, you know how it is: I just had to check out HD DVD and Blu-Ray on this thing before going to bed. (Non-scientific result: Awesome.) Anyway, I didn't have a chance to catch up on email, so today is going to be ugly.

That said, I will be posting my HP MediaSmart Server review today and I'll have a slew of Zune 2.0 coverage on Tuesday, when Microsoft goes public with the new devices, software, and services.

Time to get back on schedule... 

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