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AppMobi Adds 4 Mobile Web Services to appMobi XDK Dev Toolkit

appMobi, a provider of cloud-based services and mobile developer platforms, has announced the addition of four mobile web services to its appMobi XDK cross-platform developer toolkit. The toolkit is part of appMobi's Platform as a Service (PaaS) mobile app ecosystem solution. Through the XDK, appMobi's mobile web services are uniformly available to mobile web, Apple iOS, Google Android, and BlackBerry developers, providing tools for testing and publishing HTML-based code as native apps or web apps.

New additions to appMobi XDK's web services include:

  • 1Touch frictionless payments: With only a few lines of HTML code, apps or websites can support "single-touch" purchases through a secure mobile wallet. This feature can be used to purchase physical or virtual goods.
  • pushMobi multimedia push notifications: This system lets developers incorporate video, audio, and HTML5 content into their message. The pushMobi online dashboard lets content providers target potential audiences based upon criteria such as geographic and demographics.
  • statMobi mobile analytics: analytic tools for measuring app usage online and offline
  • LiveUpdates Over the Air (OTA) app updating: An app created through appMobi XDK can push updates directly to users' devices, without requiring an app store update.

appMobi XDK is available for download here. To learn more about appMobi and its services, visit

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