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Yikes: Microsoft goes after Xbox 360 cheaters

If you're not gaming on the Xbox 360, you may not be up on the allure of Achievement points, but let's just say this is a new cottage industry, and one that is being emulated elsewhere, including the PS3 and the PC. In any event, Microsoft this week went after some of the worst Xbox 360 Achievements cheaters:

Today we took action on some of the accounts we have identified as the most serious offenders who have violated the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use by tampering with their Gamerscore and Achievements.

The steps today takes the form of the following:

  • Resetting the entire Gamerscore for an account to zero.
  • The account will be unable to regain all previously obtained achievements and Gamerscore, however, the players will have the ability to gain future Achievements by earning them fairly, like the majority of the Xbox LIVE community does.
  • The account will be clearly labeled as a cheater for the community to view on In dash, the personal view of the gamercard will be labeled as well.

Here's an example account Microsoft set up on to show what a cheater's profile now looks like. That's just mean. :)

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