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Windows Vista Service Pack 1 RTM Screenshots

While I'd love to be able to publish a formal screenshot gallery on the SuperSite today, Penton's Web wizards have once again screwed me over. In the interests of getting this out as quickly as possible, you can view the shots now on Flickr. I'll be posting a normal screenshot gallery on this site as soon as I can.


You wouldn't believe what I deal with sometimes. You really wouldn't.

Update: I was able to email the update to someone at Penton and get the main site update. My faith in humanity is thus restored. The SuperSite version of the screenshot gallery can be found here.

BTW, I've only installed the RTM bits on one machine so far, an HP Tablet PC that I recently purchased. That's because most of my other Vista machines have various pre-release versions of SP1 installed, and you have to uninstall that first, which is time consuming. (Honestly, I'm not looking forward to this process.) On the flipside, I'm traveling to Denver with the HP today, so I'll have some real world experience with SP1 and see whether it makes much of a difference over the RTM version. Should be interesting.

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