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XP with SP3 slipstreaming, part 971 (Updated)

So I've been spending in inordinate amount of time creating slipstreamed XP with SP3 discs lately. (See my previous post, Preliminary Windows XP Service Pack 3 slipstreaming guide, for more info.) It's not really the way I want to spend my time, but what the heck. I do want to get it right.

In my instructions, I think I'm going to switch from Nero 8 Trial to something that won't potentially disappear from the Web or be moved or whatever. I'm leaning towards ImgBurn, which I already use for burning ISOs. (Take that, Robert Strohmeyer.) It's free and generally simple, though not necessarily for slipstreaming purposes. That said, it's smart about burning bootable OS install discs, so it will help you out automatically if it detects you've screwed something up. I'll keep testing.

Regarding Windows Media Player 11/Internet Explorer 7 integration, I'd like to avoid anything that's either a) too complex or b) requires a questionable third party utility to make it work. Since neither one is actually possible, I'll try to figure out something that makes sense. I've created a lot of coasters so far. But please do keep the suggestions coming.

Ultimately, I guess I'd prefer something that Microsoft created for the enterprise over something a guy named Eddie created in his spare time, mostly because I don't know the fictional Eddie or what his motives are, and because using Microsoft's business tools is in keeping with the spirit of what the slipstreaming guides have always been about. That said, Microsoft's deployment tools aren't for the fainthearted. But tools like nLite ... I don't know. Maybe.

The search continues....

Quick update: For some reason, after doing a ImgBurn-based install into a virtual machine today, IE 7 came up as an Automatic Update as soon as I booted into the desktop. I don't know if this has something to do with the way XP was slipstreamed or if it's something Microsoft just turned on. Anyone else seeing this?

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