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Windows Vista RTM Screenshot Galleries

At long last, the final version of Windows Vista is here. And while it may be days, weeks, or even months before you can get your hands on this shipping version of Microsoft's next operating system, you can at least see what's coming in this set of screenshot galleries, which highlight the unique features of each Windows Vista product edition. Enjoy!

New! December 9, 2006 update: I've added shots of Windows Vista Enterprise, completing the screenshot gallery collection.

Windows Vista Starter

Aimed at select low-cost computers sold in emerging markets, Windows Vista Starter is the only Windows Vista product edition that is available only in 32-bit versions. It includes only the most basic Windows Vista features, including the Windows Basic user interface, the various Windows Vista security enhancements, and instant search.

Windows Vista Home Basic

Windows Vista Home Basic is a low-end mainstream Vista version aimed at users with only the most basic of needs. It includes Vista's enhanced security features, the Windows Vista Basic user interface, parental controls, instant search, manual file backup and restore, enhanced games, and improved networking functionality. (11 screenshots)

Windows Vista Home Basic N

Windows Vista Home Basic N is identical to Windows Vista Home Basic, except that it loses various Windows Media-based technologies, including Windows Media Player 11 and Windows Movie Maker. These shots also include examples of the rarely seen Windows Standard user interface. (11 screenshots)

Windows Vista Home Premium

The "premium" Vista product version aimed at consumers, Windows Vista Home Premium includes the Windows Aero user interface, Windows Media Center AV functionality, a full suite of digital media tools including Windows Media Player, Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Movie Maker HD, and Windows DVD Maker, as well as Tablet PC functionality and various new Vista mobility features. (24 screenshots)

Windows Vista Business

The new Windows version for businesses of all sizes, Windows Vista Business includes the Windows Aero UI, Tablet PC functionality, new mobility features like Mobility Center, business-oriented functionality such as Domain Join, Group Policy support, and Encrypting File System (EFS), and new small business features such as Fax and Scan and Small Business Resources. (17 screenshots)

Windows Vista Business N

Sold only in Europe, Windows Vista Business N is identical to Windows Vista Business, but for the removal of various Windows Media-related technologies, including Windows Media Player 11 and Windows Movie Maker. This product edition isn't particularly interesting per se, and is included only for completeness. (13 screenshots)

Windows Vista Enterprise

Available only via volume licensing, Windows Vista Enterprise is aimed at Microsoft's largest business customers, and provides a number of high-end features, such as the multi-language user interface, Secure Startup, BitLocker, and support for up to four virtual machines installs. (13 screenshots)

Windows Vista Ultimate

A superset of all other Windows Vista versions, Windows Vista Ultimate has it all: It combines the leading-edge digital media features from Vista Home Premium with the business and mobility-oriented features available in Vista Business. This is the Vista version everyone will want. The only question is, can you afford it? (18 screenshots)


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