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Windows Phone 7 App Of The Week: iBlast Moki

Date: February 27, 2011
App type: Games
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Release date: December 23, 2010
Price: $2.99
Phone features used: Data connection, sensors, media library, web browser, RunsUnderLock

While there is little doubt that this week's pick, iBlast Moki, wouldn't exist if it weren't for Angry Birds, let me be clear about one thing: This inventive little game is no Angry Birds rip-off. And yes, while those games are out there, I won't be elevating any of them to "pick of the week" status. But iBlast Moki deserves this accolade because it's fun, unique, and addicting. And while it will be a few months before Angry Birds does show up on Windows Phone, this game will hold us over nicely until then.

Godzilab's iBlast Moki is a physics-based puzzle game that nicely utilizes the Windows Phone touch screen in short, levels-based bursts. This makes it the ideal time-waster on commutes and other downtimes, and you can always make the valid argument that you're keeping your brain active at the same time as well.

The plot, such as it is, is simple enough: You need to get your cute little Moki, kind of a lump of Playdoh from the looks of things, across a single screen of obstacles and into a floating portal. The problem is, the Moki can't move, so you need to utilize one or more bombs, as well as other devices, to move the Moki across the playfield, all the while dealing with realistic physics and gravity effects.

So far, so good. But what makes iBlast Moki truly addictive is that it gets complicated after a few introductory levels. For example, on some of the secondary levels, you get two bombs, and in addition to setting their location and blast direction/strength on the screen, you will also need to set timers in order to correctly sequence the explosion. So the first blast may push the Moki into a certain location, but the second blast also has to be timed correctly so that it occurs at the right time. Eventually, you deal with multiple Moki as well.

iBlast Moki includes over 90 levels, spread across nicely styled worlds, and while I've only gotten through a small fraction of those so far, I'm hooked. I think you'll love it too. Highly recommended.

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