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Windows 8 Tip: View Your Own Content by Default in Xbox Music and Video Apps

The Xbox Music and Xbox Video apps both offer gorgeous, full-screen interfaces for displaying music, TV shows, and movies. But both apps default to an online store view that some people may not like. Fortunately, you can configure both apps to display your own content, rather than Microsoft’s, by default.

For example, the Xbox Music app defaults to the following view, where your own content is hidden off to the left.


In both apps, you make this change via the Settings pane, which is available through the Charms bar (WINKEY + C) or more directly via Settings (WINKEY + I). From this pane, select Preferences.


Now, change the Startup view option to On.

Now, when you launch the Music app, the view default view is My Music, which represents your own music collection.


Changing the Xbox Video app works similarly, except that you are placed in My Videos by default.


Note that in both cases, “your collection” can include purchased Store content as well as content that’s actually on the local PC. This can include Music Pass songs you’ve downloaded in the Xbox Music app and, as above, TV shows and movies you previously purchased from Microsoft.

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