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Windows 8 Secrets: The Windows 8 Update Interview

Onuora Amobi of recently interviewed Rafael Rivera and I about our forthcoming book, Windows 8 Secrets. We met Onuora at BUILD last September, had a great time at the show, and have kept up ever since. This is, I believe, our first major interview about the Secrets books, so be sure to check it out.


Here's a short excerpt. Please do read the original interview.


Onuora: So far, what's been the hardest part of writing this book?


Paul: Right now, it's the waiting. We can't be sure what Windows 8 is, exactly, until we've seen the Consumer Preview (previously called the Beta), thanks to Microsoft's secrecy policies. We're eager to really dig in, and the lag between milestones is killing us. (Microsoft promised they'd update the Developer Preview, by the way. They never did.)


Rafael: Ditto. We’re in a holding pattern until we have something tangible to write about. This affects the schedules of everyone in the chain – not just us – and well, you know what they say rolls down hills.


Onuora: What were your first impressions of Windows 8 when you first saw it?


Paul: My reactions to Windows 8 have followed a predictable, almost traditional series of steps. First, excitement: It looked like Windows Phone, which is revolutionary and excellent. Then, confusion and doubt as you learn more and think, wow, this isn't going to work. Then, finally, acceptance: This is OK, and I can do this. But really, the biggest initial impression I had, and the one that is most telling, is seeing this bank of Windows 8 tablets at BUILD and thinking that people would see something like that in Best Buy or whatever and just want one. Windows 8 is just so pretty. It makes the iPad (software) look drab and boring by comparison.


Rafael: I also went through Paul’s above Steps to Assimilate New Microsoft Technology, but I think the most prominent thought I had at the time was: Oh my god, this is totally going to work on slates.


Onuora: You've both been working with Windows 8 for a while, can you tell us something about the OS that would surprise the readers?


Paul: Metro works just fine with a mouse and keyboard. Sorry, haters.


Rafael: Windows 8 can boot up from scratch in less than 8 seconds. That’s crazy.

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