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Windows 8 Feature Focus: Back Tip

In tandem with the Start tip that was discussed in yesterday’s Feature Focus, Microsoft is also introducing a new Back tip in Windows 8 that gives mouse-based users a way to easily access the new Back experience. In essence, it’s an alternative to the ALT + TAB keyboard shortcut (Windows Flip) and the new multi-touch-based single swipe gesture for switching to the previous app or experience.

The Back tip works much like the Start tip, but by moving the mouse cursor into the top left corner of the display; it works from the desktop, the Start screen, and from any Metro-styled app. As you reach the corner of the screen, a thumbnail of the previous app or experience will appear like so.


Click the thumbnail to return to the app or experience you see in the thumbnail.

Note that the Start screen will not appear in the Back tip. But you can of course access the Back tip from the Start screen, assuming you have another app (or the desktop) to go back to.


Like the Start tip, the Back tip can be used to access the Switcher interface, which is also new to Windows 8. I will describe Switcher in the next Windows 8 Feature Focus article.

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