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Windows 8 App Update: Weather

Microsoft recently confirmed that it would be updating many of the built-in apps in Windows 8 between the release to manufacturing (RTM) of the OS and its general availability on October 26. Here’s a peek at the changes the firm just made to its Weather app.

I wrote about this app updating confirmation in Windows 8: Updates Coming to Built-In Apps after having been speaking about (on podcasts) and writing (here and in Windows 8 Secrets) for months about Microsoft’s plans to do just this.

Here’s what’s new in the Weather app.

Not much, as it turns out.

Improved default location usability

In the RTM version of the Weather app (build 135), you’d be prompted to allow the app to access your location. In the new version (build 190), you are no longer prompted if you’ve globally enabled apps to use your location (in PC Settings, Privacy).


Is there more?

Microsoft says that it added hourly weather forecasts up to 10 days, day and evening high/low temperatures, and video support to the Weather app, but from what I can tell, these features were all present in the original version and don’t appear changed to me. Have I missed anything? If you see any new features in the Metro-style Mail, Calendar, People, or Messaging apps, please let me know and I’ll update this article.

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