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Windows 7 Build 7057 Screenshots

Suddenly, new Windows 7 builds are coming at a rapid clip and, more notably, are leaking much more quickly. In the past, we'd see builds that were a month or more old at the time. But the most recent leak, of build 7057, is just a week old. Progress!

As with the previous few leaked builds I've seen, there are numerous small changes this time around. The Setup wallpaper has been changed. There are new default icons in the Start Menu, and a new padlock icon overlay appears on protected folders. Again, there are new Themes, and some new wallpapers. There are also new user account images for the first time. There's probably more, but I've barely had time to run a quick lap around this version of the OS. If there's more, I'll be sure to write it up.

Here are a few shots showing off Windows 7 build 7057.

Windows 7 build 7057
New background imagery for Setup.

Windows 7 build 7057

Windows 7 build 7057New desktop themes.

Windows 7 build 7057Lock icon on protected folders; actually debuted in a previous build.

Windows 7 build 7057New user account images.

Windows 7 build 7057

Windows 7 build 7057

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