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Windows 10 Privacy Settings Walkthrough (Video)

Windows 10 Privacy Settings Walkthrough (Video)

The volume around Windows 10 and privacy has been steadily increasing since shortly after the release of Windows 10 in late July.

Just yesterday Terry Myerson, the Executive VP for the Windows Devices Group at Microsoft, laid out the company's privacy approach when it comes to Windows 10 plus the company published additional resources to show exactly how they are using the data it does collect from Windows 10 systems and how the user can control it.

Windows 10 has the most granular level of controls relating to privacy than any Windows operating system before it.  There are thirteen pages of settings related to privacy on Windows 10 and the user is able to specify what info is shared with apps and the amount of data that is sent to Microsoft.

This video will walkthrough the privacy settings that are available in Windows 10 to help you understand the level of control that is possible.

Any questions just ask away in the comments below.

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