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“Programming Windows” 6th Edition Release Preview eBook Arrives Tomorrow


Microsoft Press announced today that the Release Preview version of its eBook, “Programming Windows” 6th edition by Charles Petzold arrives tomorrow, August 14, 2012. If you already purchased this excellent book (in the Consumer Preview timeframe), you get this and future updates for free. But new readers can buy today for just $20.

If you wait until tomorrow, the price goes up to $30.

“Programming Windows” 6th edition focuses on Metro-style app programming for Windows 8 and RT using C# and XAML. (The sample apps are available in C++ format as well.)

The Consumer Preview version of the book included 13 chapters. In addition to updating those chapters, the Release Preview version includes the following new content:

Chapter 8, “Animation”

Chapter 9, “Transforms”

Chapter 13, “Touch, Etc.”

Chapter 14, “Bitmaps”

Chapter 15, “Printing”

Chapter 16, “Going Native.”

Microsoft Press reports that the total page count for the Release Preview edition is 579 pages.

If you have any thought about writing Windows 8/RT apps, my advice is to buy this book as soon as possible: Remember, the price goes up over time. If you wait until the final version is available, the price will be $50.

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