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Photo Gallery: Sculpt Comfort Keyboard for Windows 8

Earlier this month, I reviewed a number of new mobile mice and keyboards that Microsoft is releasing for Windows 8 as well as some pre-existing models are that being updated with new Windows 8 functionality. Since then, Microsoft has announced its first desktop keyboard designed for Windows 8 (and RT), the Sculpt Comfort Keyboard. And as you might expect, it includes built-in Windows 8 functionality that goes a bit beyond the mobile hardware.

I’ll be reviewing the Sculpt Comfort Keyboard soon, but for now here are a number of photos of the new full-sized wireless keyboard, which includes the expected Charms and volume control keys, but also unique keys for app switching, Switcher, Snap, and more. The Space bar has been split and redesigned to operate as backspace when needed, a feature I’ll be looking at with some curiosity.


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