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New Version of Samsung Ad ... Now With Even More Mocking of Apple Sycophants

The other day, I blogged about one of the single best tech industry ads I've ever seen. But here's an even better version, with 24 additional seconds of Apple sycophant bashing. If you just can't get enough of this oh-so-deserved comeuppance--and really, who can resist?--you're going to love this new version of the ad even more.

If you're familiar with the initial version of the ad, you'll appreciate the addition 24 seconds of footage in this version, which includes such new gems as ...

"Only seven people stand between us and ... " "... Meaning."

"4G!? Is it 4G?" "It doesn't say! It doesn't say!"

"Is this what adultery feels like?"

It never gets old. But it does keep getting funnier. Thanks to David H. for pointing out the new version of the ad.

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