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A New IE Ad: A More Beautiful Web

Microsoft this past weekend released a nice new advertisement for its Internet Explorer web browser, which it says will unleash a more beautiful web. The ad is appearing on TV, across cable, broadcast, cinema and with localized versions internationally.

Here's the ad:

A More Beautiful Web is... Internet Explorer TV Commercial from Internet Explorer on Vimeo.

"Just around one year ago, with the release of Internet Explorer 9, we started talking about the idea of unleashing a more beautiful web," IE general manager Ryan Gavin writes in the Exploring IE Blog. "It's been fun and sometimes pretty dazzling to see what designers, developers, and artists have created over the past year ... It has been a pretty inspiring year, and yet in many ways, the best is yet to come."

According to Microsoft, the ad is the work of Seattle-based filmmaker Keith Rivers and features a vocal performance by British singer-songwriter Alex Clare.

In a related press release, Microsoft describes its work with Alex Clare on the ad.

"What makes Alex Clare's song so complementary to the advertisement is that it's filled with uplifting energy and vocals that speak to what Internet Explorer stands for, a humble force powering your Web experience," says Mr. Rivers. "The song carries you through a journey and re-energizes you, and Internet Explorer is all about that, giving the power to the user to focus on what you care about." 

It's a cool ad, actually. Be sure to check it out. And if you like the song, which is called "Too Close", you can find it now on the Zune Marketplace too.

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