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Lenovo Confirms Plans for Windows Phone Handset in 2012

A Lenovo product manager in China has confirmed that the PC giant will launch a Windows Phone handset by the end of 2012. What's unclear is whether this device will only be for the Chinese market, or whether it will be available worldwide.

"[A] Windows Phone version [of the Lenovo LePhone] is indeed under consideration, and has a clear timetable for the second half of 2012," Lenovo's Yue Chen told reporters, according to an iMobile report (that was auto-translated by Google from the original Chinese.)

Coincidentally, Lenovo's LePhone is a Windows Phone-like device with a 3.7-inch AMOLED display running at, yep, 800 x 480. So the move to Windows Phone wouldn't be difficult using almost exactly the same hardware components. Yue Chen is quoted in the article as saying that Lenovo has sold 70 million of these things so far, as well. Yikes.

Will it come to the US? I hope so: Lenovo's ThinkPad laptops are, by far, my favorite mobile computers. I bet they'd make a great phone as well.

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