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Introducing the New Windows 8 Logo

Microsoft confirmed on Friday that a rumored change to the Windows logo for Windows 8 is real, confounding tech enthusiasts, virtually all of whom doubted its authenticity. The new logo, which controversially dispenses with the flag motif Microsoft has long used, is a throwback of sorts to the original Windows logo, Microsoft claims. But I have to be honest. That "original" logo is one I've never seen before, at least not that I can recall.

Here's the logo Microsoft says was used originally, in Windows 1.0. (I didn't even realize that Windows versions previous to 3.0 even included a logo.)


And here's the new Windows 8 logo.


Is it flat, lifeless, and dull or the new hotness?  I guess we'll see, but I'd remind people that we get used to things like this pretty quickly. Remember the uproar over the name Pentium? Of course you don't.

And with that, I can check off the second of fifteen articles I was plotting out for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. I guess I'll have to come up with another topic for the launch.  Shouldn't be hard.

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