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How Microsoft Can Host BUILD on Campus: Big A#$ Tent!

If you’ve spent a lot of time at both the Microsoft campus and at Microsoft trade shows, you may have been wondering, as I have, how Microsoft could possibly host an event as big as BUILD at its corporate headquarters. After all, there are no buildings there big enough for such a thing. Turns out they’re erecting a big a#$ tent!

According to a post by GeekWire’s Todd Bishop, Microsoft is currently building a giant tent—roughly the size of 12 NBA basketball courts—to house the thousands of developers that are going to converge on campus next week for BUILD.

Here’s Microsoft’s architectural rendering of this structure.


According to Todd, the tent is climate-controlled, but let’s just say I wouldn’t want to be stuck in that thing in a serious storm. I’ll report from the big a#$ tent next week. :)

P.S.: The “big a#$ tent” thing is a loving reference to the Big Ass Table parody video about the original Microsoft Surface, a table-sized computer. Thanks to Mary Jo Foley for the link!

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