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Free Microsoft Press eBook Preview: Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript


Microsoft today announced a free PDF-based, preview version of Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which should be of interest to anyone who wants to learn to develop Windows 8 apps using web technologies. The Preview edition of this week contains the first four chapters of what will eventually be an 18 chapter eBook.

“This book is about writing Metro style apps for Windows 8 using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript,” the introductory blog post notes. “Our primary focus will be on applying these web technologies within the Windows 8 platform, where there are unique considerations, and not on exploring the details of those web technologies themselves. For the most part, then, I'm assuming that you're already at least somewhat conversant with these standards. We will cover some of the more salient areas like the CSS grid, which is central to app layout, but otherwise I trust that you're capable of finding appropriate references for everything else.”

It includes the following content:

Chapter 1   The Life Story of a Metro Style App: Platform Characteristics of Windows 8

Chapter 2   Quickstart

Chapter 3   App Anatomy and Page Navigation

Chapter 4   Controls, Control Styling, and Basic Data Binding

And the following chapters will be present in the final version of the book:

Chapter 5   Collections and Collection Controls

Chapter 6   Layout

Chapter 7   Metro Style Commanding UI

Chapter 8   State, Settings, Files, and Documents

Chapter 9   Input and Sensors

Chapter 10   Media

Chapter 11   Purposeful Animations

Chapter 12   Contracts

Chapter 13   Tiles, Notifications, the Lock Screen, and Background Tasks

Chapter 14   Networking

Chapter 15   Devices and Printing

Chapter 16   Extensions

Chapter 17   Apps for Everyone: Localization, Accessibility, and the Windows Store

Chapter 18   Services

The blog notes that a Second Preview version of the eBook will ship this summer and will contain 8 to 12 chapters. And then the final version will ship in the fall.

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