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Fixed! Nokia Delivers Lumia 900 Software Update in Just Four Days

Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout

Now, that’s customer service. Just days after Nokia revealed that it would quickly update a small software issue in its flagship Lumia 900 handset, the mobile device maker delivered that update ... days earlier than promised.

“Important software update ready three days ahead of schedule,” the Conversations by Nokia blog proudly announced late Friday. “We promised a software fix for April 16th but today, we’d like to share with you that the update is already available.”

As I opined the other day in Nokia Quickly Identifies Lumia 900 Software Flaw, Sets Things Right, Nokia gets how to treat customers right. And rather than ignore the issue, pretend it’s not really a problem, and then try to trick the public with what amounts to an expensive magic show, the company instead owned up to the problem immediately, pledged a quick fix, and then, get this ... delivered that fix days earlier than promised.

Under-promise, then exceed expectations. Brilliant.

To get the software update, simply plug your Lumia 900 into the PC and you’ll be prompted to download and install it through the Zune PC software (or, on the Mac, the Windows Phone 7 Connector). The entire process takes about 10 minutes.

The only question here, of course, is how Nokia pushed this through notoriously recalcitrant AT&T Wireless so quickly. I’m eager to find out. But for now, I’m just happy to see that someone can make these clowns do the right thing. When I think back to the days before Windows Phone 7 first shipped in 2010, this is exactly how I thought software updates would be handled.

Thanks to everyone that wrote in about this last night.

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