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Enjoy SuperSite Content in the Windows 8 News App!

Enjoy SuperSite Content in the Windows 8 News App!

Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows is now included in Windows 8 and Windows RT

I don’t know when this happened exactly, but my web site, Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows, is now listed as one of the content sources in the News app that ships with Windows 8 and Windows RT. This has a number of interesting ramifications, but here’s a cool tip: You can pin my News app-hosted content to your Start screen!

You can see my site listed as a news source in the Technology section of the News app. To do so, launch News, right-click to display the app bar and then tap the Sources tile. If you scroll over to the Technology group, you’ll that Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows is one of the content sources.

Click my “coffee cup” tile to view my content in the News app. Pretty cool, eh?

Of course, when you click an individual article, it appears as a web page inline in the News app as is the case with much of the content sources.

But here’s a neat tip: From the view show above, right-click and choose Pin to Start from the bottom app bar. Change the tile name if desired.

When you visit the Start screen, you’ll have a cool new SuperSite tile! You can use this to go directly to my content, bypassing all the less-relevant and less interesting tech news sources. :) (Kidding, kidding.)

By the way, it appears I’m the only individual to be listed as a content source in the Technology section of the News app: All of the other sources are large organizations with multiple authors. Not too shabby.

Thanks to the many readers who pointed this out to me this week. I wasn’t aware this was happening.

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