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Amazon's Plan to Defeat the iPad

There's been a lot of talk this year about Amazon's presumed iPad competitor (or competitors as the case may be), and I've been arguing for a while now that if any company can take on Apple, it's Amazon. The reason is simple: Only Amazon offers the full suite of ecosystem services--digital music, TV shows, videos, eBooks and audiobooks, apps, and other content--that Apple does. (I discuss Amazon's tablet plans in a recent blog post, Amazon's First Tablet Is A 7-Inch Android Device Called ... Kindle.

Amazon is apparently highlighting this plan prominently in a redesign of its web site, which I first discussed in a blog post late last week, A Tale Of Two UIs: Complex And Full-Featured Vs. Simple And Easy. It's spelled very nicely in the top menu seen on the new site, where you can see the various services Amazon offers, most of which has its opposite on Apple's iOS (iPhone/iPad) platform.


It's interesting to me that these items appear on the top of the new site, whereas the most prominent menu items on the previous design--called "Shop by Department"--are now hidden by default.

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