Humor: WinInfo announces Pentium III compatibility

With the sudden rush in industry support for Intel's latest microprocessor, executives at WinInfo (that is, me) figured it was time to jump on the bandwagon and announce that your favorite email newsletter is, indeed, completely compatible with the Pentium III.

"In fact," says WinInfo publisher Paul Thurrott, "WinInfo will generally display more quickly on a Pentium III system than it will on a Pentium II- or Celeron-based system. Thanks to Intel, I didn't have to change a thing to make this happen. And it just works!"

Thurrott was quick to dispel rumors that the Pentium III will somehow improve the overall quality of WinInfo, however.

"We expect Microsoft's ClearType to fill that gap," he said. "Perhaps a future version of Word will even write this newsletter for me."

--Paul :

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