FrontPage 98 public beta announced

Microsoft announced that a public beta of FrontPage 98 will be made available on August 11. This latest version of the Web site creation and management tool offers new areas of functionality, enhancements to existing features, and expanded support for the latest Web technologies, including Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Dynamic HTML, and Channel Definition Format (CDF). And with new, powerful and easy-to-use features like Table Drawing and WYSIWYG table editing, WYSIWYG Frames, Themes and Navigation Bars, Microsoft is expecting FrontPage 98 to be a big hit.

The FrontPage 98 Beta will be available for download Monday at the Microsoft Web site, as well as available to order on CD-ROM for a nominal shipping and handling charge. The final version of Front Page 98 is expected in October. It will cost $149 and the free trial version will be available until the end of the year

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