EXCLUSIVE: Microsoft launches Office 2000 SP-2

UPDATED: As reported previously in WinInfo, Microsoft has launched its second Office 2000 update this week, Office 2000 Service Pack 2 (SP-2). As of this writing, SP-2 is live on the OfficeUpdate and Office Resource Kit Webs site, offering users a consolidated way to upgrade to the latest bug fixes. A CD version of the bug fix collection includes updates for system administrators that need to rollout Office in corporate settings. And unlike Office 2000 SR1-a, SP2 is "patch-only," in that Microsoft will not reissue the full product with these fixes preinstalled, as it did with SR1a.

To download Office 2000 SP2, please visit the Microsoft Web site. A 30 MB download for administrators and a 9 MB download for end users is now available.

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