Confirmed: IE 4.0 will be dumbed-down

Microsoft has confirmed that the release version of IE 4.0 will retain the standard "two-click" selection method used by Windows 95 and NT 4.0 rather than force a new one-click method on its users. If you prefer the one-click method, however, you will still be able to change to that. According to Microsoft, the company has spent more time testing IE 4.0 than they did with Windows 95.

"We're spending time during the development of the product to take feedback," said Kevin Unangst, an IE 4.0 product manager. "It means we're listening to the customer."

Another surprise to the software giant: only 40% of users are interested in the "push" technology used by the IE 4.0 browser and Active Desktop. Microsoft expects demand for the technology to grow as people come to understand it better

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